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A target seeking, fast broadhead with all the great slicing qualities and toughness you've come to expect from RAZOR single bevels, the Missile is ready to hunt!

With vented wings for a smooth flight, this silent broadhead was designed for shooters who want to keep their current arrow weight, but also enjoy all of the benefits of

a single bevel head!

If you are looking for less weight 

without sacrificing cutting diameter, 

these lite-weight broadheads

give you the best of both.

Built for longer flights with

the compound and crossbow shooters

in mind, these 150 gr heads 

rip through their intended target.

Available in the

NEW Proprietary "Black Out" Finish!

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300 GR RAZOR.jpeg


Precision designed with our patent pending

DLOS System (Double Locking Opposing Screws) for added locking power and perfectly balanced weight for true flight. These wide cut broadheads are devastating as they slide through muscle and rupture bone.

Available in the

NEW Proprietary "Black Out" Finish!


Boasting a 1-1/2 wide cutting diameter and 300 grains of bone crushing American Steel, the Amplitude is ready for your next Big Game Hunt! 

This massive broadhead was designed to level the playing field with Grizzly, Elk, Moose, Wild Boar, Cape Buffalo and more!

Dream Big and Shoot Bigger!



Every single piece of raw material and all manufacturing

that goes into making a RAZOR Broadhead is made in America.  

We pride ourselves in American born and built.


Each broadhead that you purchase goes through 12 different manufacturing processes before it shows up in a package ready for you to open and use.


Our cut-on-contact chisel tipped broadheads with their 25 deg single bevel cutting edge are not just lethal they are rugged tough, creating wide openings and blowing through bones.


We know you spend hours and hours in preparation and hard work getting ready for that moment of truth and we want to be at the point of entry when it all comes together.

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